What woman in their 40's need to know about healthy dieting

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What woman in their 40s need to know about healthy dieting
Carbohydrates: Banning carbohydrates completely out of your diet is not always a good idea
Breakfast & lunch are the best times to consume carbs but consider the whole grain option. Quantities also should be controlled. Snacks are the times to fuel with instant energy … here fruits are considered….
Proteins: Should be included at each meal! Chose the healthy ones.
Fat: Fat also should be included however we choose the healthy ones containing omega 3 like olive oil, canola, fat in nuts, avocado, fish, shellfish….and avoid the saturated (red meat, butter, full fat milk & dairies), hydrogenated ones in processed food items
NB: however healthy olive oil etc… are a concentrated source of energy and a major risk for fat gain.
Fibers: best mean to dilute our diet. Found in fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains cereal products. The best are coming from vegetables since they are much more concentrated (also in vitamins & minerals) than in others for a lower calories value.
Best mean to fight cancers esp colon cancer, reduce chronic diseases risks like diabetes cholesterol......
Water: 1.5-2liters are required minimum/day.
Did u know that many times you confound the feeling of hunger to the feeling of thirst,
best detoxifying agent to the body.
Exercise: shouldn’t come as a cliché with losing weight. It’s the lady best tool to conserve her muscle mass esp when dieting, with hormonal changes after 40, to reduce the risk for many disease, and most importantly to increase the metabolism esp after 40.
 Exercising isn’t exclusive to the gym, increasing your daily physical activity helps as well, like taking stairs, using the car less….
Also exercising is the strongest tool helping you decrease stress level.

Last beware of 2 factors: cooking methods (are of great importance in order to decrease the hidden calories ie the fat )& portion control.

For that you should plan acceptable plausible target for weight loss, here where the body composition analysis would help to plan those targets.
Weight loss regimen
Sample 1300 kcal, low in fat, saturated and trans fat, high in fibers, with adequate amount of protein and carbs
Breakfast: (8-9am)
·         1 Cup skimmed milk + Nescafe no sugar or 1 cup fat free yogurt
N.B: 1 cup skimmed milk = 6 tsp cofffeemate fat free, but better to take milk which is rich in calcium& proteins instead of coffeemate which is rich in additives, chemicals and bleaching agents
·         1 carb, 1-2 proteins, 1 fat
P.S: You can have vegetables as much as you want (example one tomato +2-3 cucumbers with breakfast)
Snack: (10-11 am)
 1 fruit (equivalent to the size of palm of hand) or 1 cereal bar or 1 fruit yogurt no sugar no fat added or 2 dates+ 2 walnut halves or 3 dates
Lunch: (2-3 pm)
Salad (1 tsp oil or 1 tsp mayo light) .You can add balsamic vinegar, lemon juice or mustard freely.
Always start your meals with salad or steamed veggies.
·         2 carb, 3 proteins (90g), 1 fat
Snack: (4-5 pm) (or any snack equivalent to 185 kcal)
Ø 25g chocolate
Ø 1 canderel bar + 1 fruit
Ø 2 fruits
Ø Handful of nuts
Ø 1 fruit yogurt+ handful of cornflakes+ 2 dates
Ø Diet ice-cream+ 1 fruit
Ø 1 cup rice/milk pudding (made with skimmed milk)
Dinner: (3 hours before sleeping)
Ø As breakfast choices but double the amount of proteins
Ø Try the option of eliminating carbohydrates at night:
Healthy proteins                                           +                Vegetables+ 1 tsp oil 
Ø 1 can tuna in water                                                Composed salad
Or                                                                 Or
Ø Smoked salmon                                                     Steamed vegetables
Or                                                                 Or
Grilled fish filet                                                     Yakhni no rice
Or                                                                 Or
Ø Grilled chicken                                                              Vegetable soup
Or                                                                 Or
Ø Grilled halloumi                                                            Cooked vegetables (green beans in oil)           
Ø Labneh fat free
Ø Omlette (2 eggs)
Ø Steak ( 2 times per week maximum)
1Carb (80 kcal)
Options for breakfast
     Ø 2 wasa fiber (rye bread)
     Ø ½ cup cereals
     Ø 1 soft French toast
     Ø 3 cracottes
     Ø ½ loaf of Arabic bread medium size
     Ø ¼ markouk
     Ø 1 small French bread (mini baguette)
     Ø 3 hard toast
     Ø ½ cup lentils and beans
     Ø 2 pomo bread ( wheat bran)
Options for lunch:
     Ø 1/3 cup cooked rice
     Ø ½  cup cooked pasta
     Ø 1 small baked  or boiled potato
     Ø  ½ cup mashed potato
     Ø ½ hamburger bun (small size)
     Ø ½  cup corn
     Ø ½ cup lentils and peas
     Ø ½ cup bulgur
     Ø ½ cup cooked couscous
     Ø ½ cup moghrabieh or wheat
1 PROTEIN (55 kcal)
Options for breakfast
     Ø 2 Tbsp labneh fat free
     Ø 30 g white cheese low fat as in 3 cheese slices (double crème, akkawi, feta 9% ,  halloum)
     Ø 2 slices turkey or 1 turkey slice + 1 cheese slice
     Ø 1 egg
     Ø 2 picon light
     Ø 1 Tbsp Philadelphia cheese light 
3 Proteins (165 kcal)
Options for lunch
     Ø 90 g breast of chicken no skin
     Ø 100 g fish
     Ø 90 g lean meat trimmed of fat
     Ø 1 small tuna canned in water
     Ø 100g smoked salmon
     Ø Handful of kibbe
     Ø 3 kafta rounds
     Ø 1 medium burger patty 
1 FAT (45 kcal)
     Ø 1 tsp oil
     Ø 5 olives
     Ø 1 tsp light mayonnaise
     Ø 1/8 of avocado
     Ø 6 nuts (almonds, cashews, peanuts, pecans, walnut)