Franchise Terms

The concept we work by is classical however our approach is highly authentic
Low cal the diet clinic:

As the name shows, is in the first place a clinical setting providing dietetic consultations & follow ups.

Low cal the central kitchen:

Complimentary to the clinic, under the management of the finest chefs, the kitchen frames well trained team in the field of healthy food preparation.

Low cal workshops:

Within the same scope, Low cal offers cooking sessions, in which group of women gather to prepare their favorite recipes turned into low fat recipes, getting tips for healthy eating from the dietitians &the cooking know- how from the chef in an interactive joyful atmosphere.

Low cal the Cafet:

now open as a subsidiary in Beesline the Shop-Hamra, Kalaa Str. Low cal the Cafet offers breakfast, readymade salads, sandwiches & low fat desserts. Each labeled with the ingredients & nutritional information .At the Cafet each dieter, in a self - service setting has the liberty to organize his own menu & calorie count.

Our Branches

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Our Mission is You

  • Listening well to you
  • Making you Feel good about yourself
  • Awaken your motivation toward change
  • Making Subtly this change a lifestyle
  • Tailoring your diet according to your habits
  • Explaining IN TINY DETAILS the "how!s & what to do" to apply this diet
  • Preparing exceptional tasting, all natural wholesome cuisine & deliver the meal fresh to your door