About us


The concept we work by is classical however our approach is highly authentic.
Low cal the diet clinic: As the name shows, it is a clinical setting providing dietetic consultations & follow ups.
Low cal the central kitchen: Complimentary to the clinic, under the management of the finest chefs, the kitchen frames well trained team in the field of healthy food preparation.
Low cal workshops: Within the same scope, Low cal offers cooking sessions, in which group of women gather to prepare their favorite recipes turned into low fat recipes, getting tips for healthy eating from the dietitians &the cooking know- how from the chef in an interactive joyful atmosphere.
Low cal Bistro: now open in Verdun, Sanayeh intersection, Concorde, low cal Bistro offers breakfast, readymade salads, plat du jour, sandwiches & low fat desserts. Finally, a restaurant where you don’t have to miss out on the food you love. You can choose your favorite dish from a long list menu all calorie counted and labeled with the ingredients & nutritional information served or ready to take away (prêt a emporter).
Our meals are constructed in such a way they are rich in vitamins, minerals, fibers, antioxidants, lean proteins and omega 3 fatty acids. And when we say lean protein, we mean foods that provide a rich source of protein, but little, if any, fat. Note that the method of cooking is a major determinant of its fat content. To keep protein foods lean, we use healthy cooking methods that use no fat at all especially while grilling. With low cal the motto remains unchanged “losing weight never tasted so good!”
Our head dietitian Lana Fayed Arayssi graduated with a BS in nutrition in 1992 then underwent 11 months internship at AUH where she received her certificate as dietitian. In 1994, underwent massive studies & research about weight loss & alternating the proportion of carbohydrates & fat within the reducing diets under the scope of her thesis program. The experience in catering low fat, calories counted meals begun at this stage & ventured even more professional after she received her master!s degree in 1997.This cumulating experience led to the birth of Low Cal the Diet clinic in 2005. Mrs. Arayssi has many writings in her account in different social & health magazines, as well as many TVs & radios interviews. In 2000 her famous book "Arabic cooking the healthy way" was issued by Arab Scientific Publishers & distributed worldwide.


Our Procedures


After a thorough interview with the dietitian, your nutritional profile is set.
An In body complete body analysis test is then performed (%fat, muscles, proteins, water, fitness level and basal metabolic rate) & your energy needs are defined.
Accordingly the number of calories needed to lose the extra weight is then calculated. (The rate of loss is around 1kg per week).
Following this procedure your diet is then tailored according to your taste, lifestyle & food preferences.
The dietitian’s mission is then to explain thoroughly to the dieter:
- How to manage his diet program (i.e.: the portion size, the way of cooking, ordering at restaurants, eating at parties.)
- The best way to adopt this particular regimen as a lifestyle.

Most people hear that healthy eating is important. Yet it can be hard to know what healthy eating means. Our mission is to teach you how to eat well.


Success Stories

We think diet doesn!t exist, we think you are what you eat; we think that the first step towards getting to your goal is DECIDING that you are not staying where you are. We are here to help you take this first step. Success at low cal the diet clinic is not only measured on scales or in mirrors - it’s very much about our client!s wellbeing and improved lifestyle.


Our Mission is You

  • Listening well to you
  • Making you Feel good about yourself
  • Awaken your motivation toward change
  • Making Subtly this change a lifestyle
  • Tailoring your diet according to your habits
  • Explaining IN TINY DETAILS the "how!s & what to do" to apply this diet
  • Preparing exceptional tasting, all natural wholesome cuisine & deliver the meal fresh to your door